London iGathering SiGMA

SiGMA’s London iGathering to kick off 2020

A unique opportunity for B2B suppliers and operators to get together and grow their business. 

SiGMA Group is match-making once again at London’s ICE 2020 expo, with a lavish dinner cruise on the opening day of ICE, 4th February, attracting operators, affiliates and B2B suppliers to network and strike deals, as the new decade shapes up to be a huge growth period for the iGaming industry.

SiGMA’s 42nd outing for the iGathering events is once again designed to facilitate meetings, discussion and growth opportunities, all in a unique environment with great food and drink.   This event pulls out all the stops for our London guests, with a dinner cruise down the River Thames, and London town as the spectacular backdrop!

Just six sponsors will be hosting the event, with a captive audience of up to 200 C-levels and key affiliates who can take their business activities to new levels.